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There is an earthy quality and authenticity about a Windsor Chair. Back in the day, this style of chair was made in the woodland by lone craftsmen in a ritual process honed through centuries. Now, at our Hampshire workshop, the craftsman’s skilled hand and eye follow much of the same choreography, the mission unchanged: to create comfortable, strong and long-lasting chairs with a timeless appeal.

We are one of a small number of furniture makers in Britain where the traditional wood-working skills of an experienced and dedicated team are nurtured and passed on, respecting the older craft tradition, yet embracing innovation.

Sitting Firm at Gaze Burvill marks a key chapter in our country’s furniture-making story. An honest chair, beautifully made.

Sustainably Sourced Wood

Our workshop sources wood exclusively from British Woodlands, ensuring that every piece we make is made from responsibly sourced materials. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by sourcing timber as locally as possible.

Traditional British Craftsmanship

We’re committed to preserving the legacy of British craftsmanship with innovative and sustainable designs. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the quality of every piece we make.

30 Years of Expertise

Every piece we make is meticulously crafted by skilled craftspeople in our Hampshire workshop, building upon 30 years of expertise in furniture making.

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The Windsor Chair is a British furniture classic with a variety of distinctive styles. At Sitting Firm, we specialise in making contemporary Windsor Chairs: elegant design icons in wood, which embody craftsmanship and timeless style to grace the modern home.


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Utilising Ash Offcuts with Sylva Wood School

Sitting Firm and Sylva Wood School recently partnered on a project that not only highlights the importance of using home-grown timber but also showcases the value of utilising ash offcuts from chair production.

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