Meet the Maker - George Crockford

Meet the Maker - George Crockford
How long have you been with Sitting Firm?
I joined Sitting Firm in August 2021

Tell us about what you do?
My role within Sitting Firm is "chairmaker". Day to day assembly, handling & processing raw material along with final finishing make up the majority of my working hours.

What do you love most about your role?
I very much enjoy the ethos of Sitting Firm / Gaze Burvill, this and being part of a small team gives a lot of voice to the individuals that make up the company which makes for a refreshing work environment.

What are you most proud of?
Completing new designs and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for the e-commerce side of the business has been very rewarding.

What is something on your bucket list?
Achieving sufficient financial independence to buy a house in the south of England!